Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change out my Digital Advertisement every month if I want to?

The simple answer is YES!

Q: Will I have to pay to change my Ad?

You will be charged a discounted rate to have partial or full changes made to your Digital Advertisement.
First Time Ad Design = $300
Full Ad Change = $250
Partial Ad Change = $100-$150

Q: Can I have my Digital Ad on both sides of the Billboard?

YES! And you may have as many 8-second impressions as you would like!

Q: How many times will my Advertisement be seen?

An 8-second Impression of your Advertisement will run once every hour 24/7 a day. That means for every 4 week cycle, your Digital Ad will be seen a minimum of 672 times!

Q: What is the billing cycle?

The Billing Cycle is every 4 weeks (or 13 times per year).

Q: Can I put A LOT of info on my Digital Ad?

The rule of thumb for Billboard Design is to keep it BIG, BOLD and SIMPLE. Drivers will only have 8-seconds to see your Advertisement .. so think what the MOST IMPORTANT things are for a potential customer to know about you and your business -- Don’t try to fit too much into the space.

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